Thank you to Mike Herzog from GoodGuysTri for producing this great 90 second video.

RUN 4 a CAUSE is an inclusive, free 5km running event that brings awareness around the important issues that affect all of us in our daily lives in a fun, active way! This project supports all types of charities, big and local grassroots, by providing them promotion and awareness. It also celebrates the countless athletes and non-athletes who spend so much time and effort supporting what’s important to them.


Memories of my First ever International MarathonAugust 2010 with Team Diabetes (Reykjavík, ICELAND)

Capturing the stunning views of Iceland’s capital city. No where in the world have I ever seen landscapes and awe inspiring views like I have in Iceland. The 4 day Team Diabetes experience was enough to get me hooked and the start of a new chapter with my Team D family!

RIOS Runs RIO MarathonJuly 2012 with Team Diabetes (Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL)

From July 5-11, 2012:  65 participants from across Canada ventured into running and representing Team Diabetes in Rio de Janeiro. Together as a team we raised approximately $445,000 towards Diabetes Research and Development. This is a snapshot of the great friends and good times we had over the 4 days. Thank you!!!

PECHA KUTCHA  – September 2012 lululemon Ambassador Summit (Vancouver, CANADA)

I had the honor of speaking at the ambassador summit in Vancouver. The goal was in 5 minutes to talk about “What I wish I knew before I started ________”  The format called “Pecha Kucha” which in Japanese is chit chat is a series of photos where you explain a story. I decided to chat about what I wish I knew before I started my 20’s.  It was such a great opportunity to share the story with a roomful of inspiring  fitness/yoga/runner leaders from around the globe.  My talk clearly outlines simple life lessons that I have learned and integrates what truly is important in my life.

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  1. The Reykjavik video was what made me want to join Team D in 2011. They were using it as a promotional video and it got me hooked 🙂 Who knew that I would get to be friends with the creator, you! Thanks once again Joe for sharing your amazing journey with the world!

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