Run 4 a Cause Project

What is Run 4 a Cause?

RUN 4 a CAUSE is an inclusive, free 5km running event that brings awareness around the important issues that affect all of us in our daily lives in a fun, active way! This project supports all types of charities, big and local grassroots, by providing them promotion and awareness. It also celebrates the countless athletes and non-athletes who spend so much time and effort supporting what’s important to them.

Check out pics from 2013 edition

Race report via Eric Collard’s blog and written by Jenny Kaser.

How did it get started?

The idea started as a pilot project with lululemon Rideau Store back in the Summer of 2012.

We gathered a Saturday morning at Parliament Hill. The 5KM run/walk route was one of our run club favourites – over the inter-provincial bridges of Ontario/Quebec. We organized different pace groups including walking to promote all levels of participation. Following the run/walk, we hosted a mix and mingle event. This short post-run/walk event was an excellent opportunity to meet new people and talk about the different causes that our local community supports. The Rideau store generously provided a $500 donation to the charity that represented with the most participants. Team Mito Canada was the charity with the most participants and was surprised and truly grateful to receive the donation. We surpassed our goal of 100 participants, having almost 120 people from over 10 charities. We had all ages, all fitness levels, out and about mingling, creating new relationships and getting inspired! Here is a link to the photos taken by

Why is it important to me?

Running for a cause is one of the main reasons why I run and I love sharing this passion with others. I love uniting walkers and runners of various levels, from beginners to elites, and also non-runners and showing them all the good that can come from integrating your passions with a cause or from adding fitness to your charity involvement. This event also includes the chance to promote fitness to individuals that need that extra motivation to get started in running. When we find a cause that we are passionate about, we realize that we can find the energy to achieve anything!

My BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

Would love to make this event a reality across Canada. Having hundreds if not thousands of Canadians uniting together to run/walk on the same day at the same time for an initiative I’m passionate about truly warms my heart.

Since it’s a BHAG, why not take it a step further. My vision is to expand to other countries and make it a global event! Get ready for “RUN4AC World”

How would we touch our communities in numbers?

Canada National RUN4AC – numerous cities, 1000+ participants, 50+ charities

World RUN4AC – hundreds of cities, 5000+ participants, 250+ charities

Looking for your input and assistance!

  • Do you volunteer for a charity group?
  • Do you know of any amazing grassroots charities that are just getting started in their local community and are looking for support?
  • Do you know of any social run clubs, associations, partners that would be a good match to join the Run 4 a Cause Project?
  • Do you love to run and are passionate about supporting your local community?

If so, please get in touch with me via email at or Twitter @THRIVEwithjoe. Follow my blog to get regular updates!

Help spread the word by using #RUN4AC on twitter and share this blog post on your social media networks.

Stay tuned for the next Run for a Cause…

Run for a cause Ottawa

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  3. INCREDIBLE! Absolutely incredible Run 4 A Cause Event today! Over 500 people, loads of sharing and a wonderful way to meet like minded people! Thank you Joe for organizing this event. Kudos to Zoom Photo, Vega, and Lulu Lemon for supporting you / this worthwhile event! See you next year!!

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