1+1 = 3

On Wednesday night I attended a class at Moksha Yoga Orleans. During our last pose of the class we lie flat on our backs with palms turned up and feet separated, also known as Savasana. Our instructor, Renee, asked us to think of one positive thought between each breath.

My positive thoughts brought me to reflect on what I was grateful for.

My first gratitude: I am a marathon runner which inspired me to create RUN4AC. Breathe, pause. I took this thought a step further. What type of impact does this bring to the universe? Unifies charities, creates awareness in our communities and inspires people to discover a passion for running with intention.


My second gratitude: The ability to integrate yoga regularly into my life. Breathe, pause. The impact? My energy is shared with others in the class and then collectively pooled together to create balance and calm our busy minds.

The impact of both of these activities clearly releases positive energy. This energy is transmitted out to the universe and taken by those who need it the most. I connect this idea back to Paulo Coelho’s book, the Alchemist.

Karmic Universe

Thank you to Renee for the inspiration and the great class! Thank you to the rest of the Moksha Yoga Orleans team for bringing yoga into my life. I’m grateful that you are part of our local community and making an impact by promoting a “calm mind – fit body – inspired life”.

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