Whipping Ideas Into Shape

I’d love to do a statistical analysis to see how many of the ideas we generate on a daily basis actually come to fruition and become reality.

I know for myself, if I don’t immediately write down an idea I have, 90% percent of the time it will be forgotten and shot back to the pool of idea generation abyss. This is why I invested in a mini moleskin book. I take it wherever I go and it’s always within arm’s reach. That way I can immediately jot down a few key words and review my ideas later. It’s helped me take more action on my ideas and see things through.

An idea is only as good as the amount of effort you put into making it a reality.


Part of this effort I believe is putting it out there and sharing the idea/message with your collaborators. Who are these people? They could be your friends, family, work colleagues or even complete strangers. One of the best things I have learned since starting THRIVEwithjoe.com is that some of the best collaborators don’t necessarily have to be people you know. Sharing ideas with like-minded strangers can achieve some big results.

Take my #RUN4AC concept. To begin with the idea was created for Ottawa. It was pure teamwork with lululemon, the local community and friends. It has progressed into my plan to bring it to a national level. And now, the idea/concept has blossomed into a “program” where communities can leverage the model and personalize it with their own creativity. The idea’s mission doesn’t change: RUN4AC: Unifies all charities, creates awareness in our communities and inspires people to discover a passion for running with intention.

I am so pleased with the progress and evolution of #RUN4AC. In a blog post back in January I told you about how I reached out to John Lee Dumas who runs Entrepreneuronfire.com. I shared my idea with him as a complete stranger and he graciously offered me a spot as a featured sponsor in a future podcast. Well, that podcast premiered yesterday, Saturday March 2nd, 2013. Episode 133 – Erik James of Innovation Engineering – went live with #RUN4AC as its sponsor. You can download it here or on iTunes. Check out marker 0:56 sec to hear about #RUN4AC.

John’s podcast has a global reach with over 150,000 unique downloads every month. The podcasts are structured as 30 minute interviews with world renowned entrepreneurs like Seth Godin, Danielle Laporte and Tim Ferris just to name a few. I’m confident that someone out in the world will listen and boom I’ll have someone from a new community leveraging the idea and creating their own #RUN4AC thousands of miles away.

Hearing John broadcast the #RUN4AC concept is truly a step forward. I’m proud to say that this one simple idea is becoming a reality and hopefully a movement that will create an ongoing medium for all charities worldwide to celebrate their accomplishments & run together as one.

What ideas have you been sitting on recently? It’s time to take them out and share them with the world! There is someone out there waiting to help you bring your concept to reality.

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