Goals and Networks

You know those days when you wake up and the first person you speak with shares a piece of fantastic news?  You approach the day with happiness, positive thinking and share that contagious energy with everyone you see! This morning I had the great fortune of being asked to MC a good friend’s wedding next summer!  At lunch I had the privilege of being a guest speaker for the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) run club. It was an opportunity to share my journey of how I transitioned from being a non-runner 3 years ago to becoming a marathon runner.  I shared the message that stepping outside your comfort zone and setting up some goals that seem so unattainable that you wouldn’t know the first thing to do to get started can lead to amazing results. If it doesn’t scare you, well it needs to be bigger! It was a wonderful group of dedicated runners, and I’m so grateful to have met Jenny, who leads the run club. Now we have plans to fuse other run clubs together and make an impact to the working lunch community in Ottawa. How motivating is it to see a group of runners on your lunch break?

It’s all about networks and the more you share your goal with others, the more you find the right pieces to help accomplish those once unattainable goals.  Take for example my 7 continent race plan.  One of the races I want to do is the  MARATHON DE SABLE ( a 6 day marathon – 251km  across the Sahara). Only last month, Karen Meades came to speak to CATSA. An amazing individual who has completed this ultra marathon successfully, among a dozen other phenomenal challenges.  I never thought that I would meet someone in Ottawa that has completed this  unique race but thanks to Jenny I now have a new contact to help me reach my goal. The day is coming to a close by just finding out that I’m officially certified in Les Mills CX Worx, a revolutionary core class, and that I can now share this with the community and help others achieve their personal fitness goals!  NEXT time your day starts with positivity, embrace it with appreciation!

Jenny and I first meeting at the Run for the Cause Event – July 28, 2012

2 thoughts on “Goals and Networks

  1. What a great reminder to embrace the positive! I just love seeing connections happen: good people finding other good people. That’s what I think you are making happen through your efforts to unite run communities. Keep up the wonderful work and positive spirit!

  2. Constantly surrounding yourself within a positive atmosphere does make a significant difference in your life. I totally agree with your point about networking with the like-minded people and finding the pieces to obtain your objectives. I would have never travelled to Nicaragua to help build schools for children to promote education, learn about fun and active events like the zombie run or even learn how to run long distances and increase my endurance if it weren’t for networking with the right people and attacking life with a positive attitude! Btw, good luck with MC gig at that wedding! With your positive outlook on life and energy, I’m sure that you’ll ROCK IT!!! (No pressure! )

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