Serendipitous Connections

Ni hao and greetings from Shanghai!

Spectacular Shanghai Bund View @ Night

My travel adventures continue this week as I’m in China visiting hospital groups, medical investment funds and government officials. I’m thrilled to see the abundance of opportunities that exist for Canada and excited to be creating some unique strategies to get things started.

I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to integrate my passion for travelling into my career. My friend Amy recently started a brilliant blog all around acknowledging the things you are grateful for in your life (check it out here: Gratitude for Life ) For me, this is definitely one of the big things I am grateful for.

With travel often comes the pleasant surprise of meeting some astounding people.  It’s interesting that in such short periods of time how close and connected I can get with complete strangers. Finding commonalities with people with such different cultures, languages and cities can quickly transition the stranger status into some lifelong friendships.

Without even knowing it, we are creating cherished memories through each shared meal, conversation, laugh and dance.  When it’s time to leave, a bittersweet feeling comes over me.  Sad that the experience has to end but gratified knowing that I have discovered new friends that will:

1) continue to inspire me despite being thousands of miles away
2) use the line “we will always have <<insert city>>
3) challenge me to see life from a different perspective

To my new compadres I have met along the way, A BIG THANK YOU, and you can bet that I will see you in the future- let’s start planning! Zai jian! (I love this Chinese greeting for goodbye as it literally means “see you again”- which to me is more appropriate!)

Meerbar (Dusseldorf)

House of Blues & Jazz (Shanghai)

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