Travel Tips, foot massages and letting go

After a two week stint abroad, to no surprise, I am extremely jet lagged and up at 2:30 am ready to tackle my day.  So before I start, why not share some of the random thoughts that are in my head.   The complete stillness of the room and darkness outside makes it really easy to focus without any distractions.  This is really the first time in 2 weeks where I have had the opportunity to peacefully reflect on the multitude of experiences I have packed into such a short period of time:

 -Travelling for an extended period of time really makes you realize that there is no place like home and nothing better than sleeping in your own bed.

– Don’t wear dress shoes when climbing the Great Wall of China – it’s more challenging than you think.

– If you ever visit Beijing, don’t miss a foot massage from a local chain called Dragonfly.  A petite Chinese woman with the smallest hands, but biggest strength, puts on the pressure and really gets to the inner muscles of your feet.  At times I could have used a stick to bite on, but let me tell you that my  feet never felt so good after.  Did I mention they even put your socks back on post foot massage?! I am contemplating hiring her for my next marathon adventure.

– Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, regardless of jet lag.  It fuels your tired body and you just never know who you might meet when grabbing a bite. Who would have thought that I would be ordering the same breakfast and dining next to Oscar winner Adrien Brody!

– Feeling lost in translation makes you appreciate how important effective communication skills really are.  So if you don’t understand what someone is saying, don’t passively nod your head just to agree.   This applies to both a foreign language and when we don’t bother to listen to one we know very well.

– When we are away the expression “absence makes the heart grow fonder” sure hits home. Each time I travel I realize even more how lucky I am to have my support systems and “rocks” that I can always lean on…no matter what time zone or distance.

– I am a person that constantly thrives on being in control of my destiny. I set objectives and big goals.  I live my life with intention and purpose.  I assist causes in my life that I’m passionate about.  However, I have learned that there are things you can’t control and sometimes the best option is to let go.

One thought on “Travel Tips, foot massages and letting go

  1. So many positive messages packed into one great entry – thanks Joe! 🙂

    Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder…whether my friends are travelling around the world, or we’re in the same city but our schedules are just to busy to allow us to meet up….I love catching up with my “good old standby” friends and chatting as if no time had ever passed….

    Letting go of things that are beyond my control is also difficult for me…google “internal locus of control” – that’s me (and you!) …totally agree though….we need to be able to remember, accept, move on (sound familiar?), and learn, from things that we can’t influence the outcome of…

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