We’re almost there Ottawa!

In a short period of 2 weeks, Ottawa has transitioned from Winter to Spring. Simply look outside at the side-walks and trails and they are filled with bikers, rollerbladers, walkers and runners!  May in Ottawa is an exciting time of year where the warm weather signals the peak of our training season.  Three Sunday’s from today Ottawa will host one of the biggest races of the Nation, Tamarack’s Ottawa Race Weekend also known as ORW.  Over 42,000 runners take to the streets of Ottawa while their friends and families line the streets to cheer them on! The ambiance and energy really makes it one of my favourite races and the reason why I do it every season!

We have worked so hard during the cold training months and for some, ORW will be their first ever 5k, 10k, 1/2 and full marathon. It’s incredibly exciting when you think about it. After months of hard work, our dedication and perseverance are ready to pay off!  The next two weeks of training are the toughest – extremely long runs and breathless speed work are in the pipeline. But let’s not forget the taper period, the last week before the big race. Where we ease off on the distances and speed in order to recover and re-energize for the big day.

High fives all around to those of you participating in ORW! I will be running the 1/2 marathon on behalf of Mito Canada. Their mandate is to connect Canadians who are directly and indirectly affected by mitochondrial disease. Their hope is to reach all patients, parents, caregivers and the medical community by providing support and practical information that will help to improve the quality of life and sense of community for patients and their families.

My number one piece of advice for race day is simple –  don’t take it too seriously!  Have fun and try to high five as many of the children lining the course as you can. Their excitement and motivation will help push you to that finish line and reach your goal!


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