My top 3 why #ilovethisrace

With new personal bests, lost voices from cheering and thousands of medals being earned, Ottawa Race Weekend is coming to a close. I love this weekend because of the imprint it leaves on our personal lives and the city as a whole. Here are my top 3 reasons why #ilovethisrace :

1- First Time Accomplishments

I don’t think there is anything more amazing than the look of pride and happiness people have once they have completed their first race- whether that be a 2K or marathon. Or that holy $#!% reaction when someone realizes they have achieved a personal best time.

The hard work, determination and sweat really do pay off!

I’m so very proud of my friends this weekend who accomplished some new achievements and notable mentions go out to Claire, Faudie, Jasmine, Rachel and Stephanie! BRAVO!

Go Faudie  & Jasmine!

Go Faudie & Jasmine!

You are a 1/2 marathoner Claire! CONGRATS

2. Community United

When else does a city come together to cheer on their family, friends and even strangers with words of encouragement and praise. That “all in it together” feeling is humbling and gratifying in every aspect.

Shout-outs to the thousands of volunteers that make it happen. Thank you for those water stations, signs, logistics, clean-up and cheer stations.

And to those who ran for a cause, thank you for all you do. I guarantee you’ve made an impact.

Photo source: lululemon instagram lululemon cheer station!

Photo source: lululemon instagram

3- Self Improvement

No one said running was easy, but the discipline, dedication, and persistence that we take away from the training make us stronger. It makes us strive for bigger and better, not only on the race course but in other aspects of our lives as well. The ability to transfer those skills is invaluable and is why when we receive that medal it represents not only our accomplishment of the day but what is possible for the future.

Finally I would like to send out an enormous amount of THANKS for all of your kind words about my recent article in the Ottawa Citizen. I’m truly blessed to have so many supporters that believe in my cause and continue to encourage me to realize that it’s all possible. I am so very grateful that you have joined me in my journey so far and I look forward to THRIVING in many more races to come!

CONGRATS to all the runners, spectators and volunteers of Ottawa Race Weekend 2013! You are all ROCKSTARS!!

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