T-minus 100K

With less than a month to go, a team of 25 brave and compassionate souls will embark on a journey to run a full 100 km.  I am one of the 25.

Some of the GGT team- pre I2P race on Aug 25

Some of the GGT team- pre I2P race on Aug 25

Flashback to January 2013 and I remember quickly saying yes to the challenge of running an ultra-marathon of 100k to support a great cause and raising money for kid’s cancer. When you have lots of time on your side, impulsively saying yes and rationalizing a feat of this nature is easy.

Today I look at the race countdown and the reality of what we are actually planning to accomplish is really settling in.

Do I regret accepting this challenge? Absolutely not.

You see, what I have learned in my running experiences is that it’s not about the actual race, it’s about what comes along with it, the whole package and experience.

The preparation and dedication to train for any race requires commitment and time.  With that you learn things about yourself that empower you to become a stronger person.

For myself, the biggest takeaway from any race is the human connection. Meeting new people, making new friends, and supporting one another. That’s what running to me is really all about.

I am part of the GoodGuysTri team led by Mike and Steve. They have certainly earned the title of being “Good Guys”. A+ leaders that continuously contribute endless hours to coordinate and lead their team to success.

Mike always says, “There is no such thing as individual success.”

Our team is living proof of this statement. Bring people together with an intention and you make a huge impact. Over the year the team has fundraised, organized events and acted as ambassadors to create awareness in the fight to #endkidscancer. Since we started, we have raised nearly $60,000 for the CHEO paediatrics oncology unit!

This would not have been possible without the support and time from our family and friends, once again bringing it back to the power of human connection. It warms my heart to see how much people can come together to support one another.

Community united

For example, this past Friday night I took part in a charity yoga class at MOKSHA Orleans. Renee (yogi extraordinaire and co-owner) led the class of 25 yogis through a series of challenging poses in a hot room.  25 individuals, mostly strangers, coming together to support the battle to end kids cancer.  Renee has dedicated her Friday charity classes for the month of September & organized a special outdoor Fall Festival class on September 14 where all the funds will be directed towards the race.  A great example of the type of support we are seeing in the community.

Renee and I post class! THANK YOU for all your support

Renee and I post class! THANK YOU for all your support!

With less than four weeks to go, TEAM GGT is in full swing and we have numerous exciting events in the pipeline.

On the actual day of the run, there will be many opportunities to come out and support us.  We are looking for volunteers to help with vehicles, food, and cheering!  Send me an email at thrivewithjoe@gmail.com if you would like to join the fun and find out more info about the events.

See you at the finish line!   We will be 100 percent broken down, tired, hungry, and sore but you can bet that we will have the biggest smiles on our faces because of the connections, experiences and support that got us there.

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