5 Life Lessons in a 100k

It’s been three weeks since the big race and I am still at a loss for words to accurately express my sentiments on the successful completion of the GGT challenge to run 100K and raise $100,000 for CHEO.

Hundreds of synonyms for the word “amazing” have floated through my head, making it impossible to choose the right one.  Now that emotions have settled and legs are fully recovered, I have attempted to summarize below what I learned from running 100k. A few of my friends helped contribute to this blog post by sharing their perspectives of the day.  

1. Teamwork can conquer anything 

“I am truly grateful that I was able to be part of the GGT support crew. The race was extremely well organized and the day really went off without a hitch. Watching the team of runners make their way through this incredible journey was inspiring to say the least. The camaraderie, support and sheer determination displayed by all the runners really impressed and motivated me”. Phil

2. The importance of humility: A team of superstars that focused less on their independent success but more on the team’s.

Running Pan Shot

“This event can best be described with one word: amazing. I took part in the cheering squads that day and was completely blown away by the phenomenal athletes who ran the entire length of the relay, sacrificing their bodies to raise over $100,000! The GGT runners really worked as a cohesive team, keeping positive and supporting one another at the checkpoints.”  Jasmine

Running perspective in the car

“I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else on this day and I am happy that I could have been a part of it and by your side every step of the way supporting you. It’s people like you and your team that enlighten and create awareness for us with what we don’t know and pave the way for bigger and brighter things to happen.” Faudie

3. Support systems are the key to success: The amount of support from family and friends was touching. The day wouldn’t have been possible without all these amazing people in my life.

Inspiration 2

“I wanted to be on the side of the road to witness where Joe’s motivation would take him and to what extent his body could respond to that incredible challenge. I recall thinking “I will be amazed and so proud if he reaches 60K all together…” More than 80K after and crossing the finish line with an incredible smile was unreal to me.” Claire

Inspiration 1Inspiration 3Inspiration 8Inspiration 5Inspiration 8IMG_2936

Inspiration 6Inspiration 8

4. Crushing an impossible goal is realized with passion: Creative fundraisers, relentless training, pushing comfort zones, constant motivation and creating ultra awareness for an important cause.

Crushing a goal

“Since I was unable to be in Ottawa, I was so grateful to see Joe’s epic 100km journey through my Facebook newsfeed. It gave me and my family an opportunity to watch him and cheer for him every inspirational step of the way. Congratulations Joe and team on an amazing accomplishment, and thanks for sharing this life changing experience with so many of us.” Marnie

5. A hug speaks volumes: All the magic & emotions of the journey captured perfectly in one frame.


“When it came to your team – Incredible! I saw you all leave with smiles on your faces that morning, I saw you all at your most exhausted/painful moments of that day and I saw you all stick together as a team carrying each other to the end and I saw all your joyful tears and smiles at the Finish!” Faudie

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