This weekend my good friend shared her newly formed vision statement.  A powerful self reflection tool that has several benefits and eye opening opportunities.  I was introduced to the notion back in April when I joined the lululemon team as an ambassador. Here is a company where their fundamental success is based on empowering their employees to realize that absolutely anything is attainable.

A vision statement is the narrative to where you will be in the future, it’s the foundation to brainstorming your goals(short and long term). A way to pave your life journey with exciting twists and turns that will guarantee to create a sensational balance between your personal and professional goals.

Why not take the challenge this week to create your vision statement. Share with me what your world looks like when you wake up on a Sunday morning in 10 years? Here is the link to lululemon’s website that provides some handy tools: Vision

My vision

Within the next ten years, I will make an impactful change by educating friends, family and the public at large about Health and Wellness. I will promote the mindset where EVERYONE wakes up EVERYDAY and prioritizes and nurtures their health through exercise, healthy diet, developing their passions and prevention.

How will I achieve this?

As a fitness instructor and in my current life sciences advisor role at Export Development Canada, speaking at conferences like TED, hosting my own podcasts/blogs, and running marathons on all seven continents- I will use my goals to influence and encourage others to push their limits and achieve their impossible. Instead of focusing on the treatment of the sky rocketing numbers of Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease we will focus our efforts on preventing new cases and inspire permanent change for our friends, family and the public to live healthy, passionate and fit lives.

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