Permission to disconnect

This weekend I had an a-ha moment. I decided to take a last minute mini-trip to Montreal to enjoy some good food & indulge in the trendy social hotspots of the Quebec culture. Checking into the hotel, I instantly took out my phone, snapped a few pics to ensure that I would capture the moment. Two minutes later I was making a “life changing” decision on which filter would look best for my pic.  To urgently capture in a picture what I am doing and seeing is a pattern that I repeat constantly through my travels, socializing and entertaining.  The need to broadcast  through social media what I am doing at that EXACT moment often overtakes me. By doing this I am often forgetting the importance of living in the moment, enjoying the awesome ambiance that flows around me and most importantly, connecting with the people I am present with. This is how memories are made 🙂  I’m setting this challenge for myself to be aware, and just enjoy the moment and have fun – with no expectations and to facebook/tweet/instagram/blog later.

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