Creating Trade

These past two days I was away in Toronto partnering on two healthcare events with EDC. The purpose of both events was to provide tools and showcase success stories on how various government, industry associations, and academics collaborate and support CDN healthcare exporters to pursue opportunities internationally. I was privileged enough to be invited to speak at both events sharing my insights and expertise. Today during my presentation a rush of energy and enthusiasm came over me. I was so happy and overjoyed as I reflected on the fact that I am pursuing two of my key passions -1) working in international business and 2) educating and motivating Canadian companies to expand their trade horizons.

Post presentations I spent an hour interacting with various exporters, getting to understand their innovative devices and brainstorming how we can create new trade possibilities.

Canada’s expertise in the medical technologies sector is tremendous!

Today’s experience reaffirmed that I am doing what I love… and for that I’m grateful!

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