Magic random moments

My weekend has been a series of interconnected coincidences, or as I like to call them, magic random moments (MRM).

It all started Friday night when I was having dinner at a Scottish Pub with a friend. We were brainstorming ideas for my Halloween costume as I needed to put something together (last minute of course) for a party I was attending Saturday evening. The idea of dressing as a Scotsman seemed appropriate given our restaurant surroundings. Fun idea, but where in the world would I find a Scotsman costume at this point so late in the game?

The next morning I was off to participate in a Race called Running Scared – a local real estate agent’s amazing initiative to raise funds for the Canadian Diabetes Association. Together my family of Team D runners, Stephanie, Rob  Daniel, Amy, Angie, and I gathered at Rob’s home to have a quick pre-race tea/coffee and pin-on our race bibs.  For conversation’s sake I asked my Team D family if they had any ideas for costumes. Rob replied, “I have a great costume you can borrow, it’s a Scotsman!” (MRM #1)

On the race course I had a runner compliment me on my Team D jersey. We ran together briefly and he told me that he was running for his young daughter, Coralie.  She had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a baby and today was her first 1KM fun run.  I congratulated him and said I would dedicate my run to Coralie as well and that I looked forward to meeting her at the finish line.  Post-race, I went up to my wonderful friend Michele who was out to cheer us on. Michele is the Team Diabetes jack of all trades for the Eastern Ontario program. It’s because of her support that I got started with Team D in the first place. She introduced me to Coralie, and said “You remember Coralie right?  She was at the 10th anniversary Team D party a few years ago but she was just a baby at the time.” I instantly flashed back to the party, when I was celebrating my first ever Teams D marathon, and clearly remembered little Coralie’s sweet face.  (MRM #2)

The costume party that evening was a success. Who knew wearing a kilt could be so liberating and free! 😉 During the course of the evening, I checked my phone and entered my standard 4-digit password.  My friend Andrea, who was sitting next to me, exclaimed “Hey, did you just put the following numbers as your password?”. “Yes.” I said, “That’s too funny, I saw your fingers on the keypad and was surprised to see you enter the exact same password I use!”  Turns out this 4-digit number has a special significance for the both of us and sparked up an interesting conversation.  (MRM #3)

Finally, this morning, as I was on my way to teach my Body Pump class downtown I started to think about my friend Bruce.  He was in town from Vancouver attending a conference but we hadn’t been able to make our schedules match-up to meet.  As I turned onto a busy street I slowed down to let three random people cross the street.  Upon closer inspection I realized that one of these “random” people was in fact my friend Bruce.  I yelled out his name and told him I would coordinate a time to meet for a coffee tomorrow morning. (MRM #4)  I met Bruce in Iceland when we participated as part of Team D in the Reykjavik Marathon back in 2010, the same year that I met Coralie.

Call it coincidence, fate, luck, karma, random magic moments, or whatever you want, but I think it’s all very intriguing. I took it as a lesson to be more present and mindful in everything I do. Without being present, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy these MRMs which brought me so much joy!  Being mindful allows us to see how our lives/relationships/experiences are all interconnected.

I am thankful for these 4 MRMs and will definitely be keeping my eyes and ears open to see what happens next.

Have a great week!

Team D Family: Running Scared Run: L-R ( Steph, Angie, me, Amy, Daniel, Rob)

Representing Scotland!

3 thoughts on “Magic random moments

  1. You are so right Joe, there are always magical moments happening around us all the time and I will also make a conscience effort to acknowledge them moving forward.
    I am grateful to have been part of your MRM’s this past weekend and look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

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