Take the time to Congratulate

Stop! Breathe and take a minute to congratulate yourself!

It’s been a busy day, full of meetings, to do’s, errands, and phone calls. Take a moment to commend yourself on the successes you have achieved in your day so far.  Let go of all that energy that doesn’t feel so good. Acknowledge that you have done your very best to be productive today. Accept that your to do list will always have new items added on.

Celebrate the contribution you have made to the world today. Positive and impactful change happens by all the many things we do, whether big or small, unconscious or conscious:

  • Working on a project
  • Smiling at a stranger
  • Educating someone on your expertise
  • Opening someone’s eyes to something new through your passions
  • Bringing joy to a friend/family member with a quick phone call, text or email
  • The list goes on… REFLECT on your day so far and think about how you made a DIFFERENCE in someone’s day! (Share it with me in the comments section)

Today is a success because of you and that’s definitely something to be proud of!

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