It’s the most wonderful time of the year

With the holiday season well underway, it’s the best time of the year to meet with family and friends to celebrate our accomplishments and reminisce on all the wonderful memories.

Last weekend, one of my best friends, Faudeya (pronounced like Claudia but with an “F”) hosted the “Faud & Wine Show”, her take on Ottawa’s popular Food and Wine Show. I wanted to acknowledge the attention to detail and great effort that she put into creating a memorable party and a great start to the 2012 holiday season.

1. Personal touches
Personalized wine glasses. A wide variety of wines from all over the world, with a description and tasting notes nicely framed.
2. A 1st class spread of unique appetizers:
Here are a few samples:
Goat cheese, walnut, pear & berry verrines /  Prosciutto wrapped white cheddar and apple crostini
3. Expert delegation skills

I was tasked to create the night’s playlist ( a crucial make or break to any party). Luckily I had stumbled on a podcast by a great DJ called Edil Hernandez. You can download all his latest mixes on iTunes. Based on the feedback and dancing that happened it was definitely a party igniter!

Here is the link to his website.

Thanks Faudeya for a great party! Wishing all of you a great next few weeks of celebrations and please feel free to share any creative entertaining ideas!

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