30 day try something new challenge: 1/2 way check in

15 days in and it’s been quite the journey! My observations so far:

  • I venture into new things often without realizing it
  • I have more free time than I think. Knowing I have a 30 day challenge disrupts my routine, shakes up the norm, forces me to find pockets of time to make things happen
  • Trying something new doesn’t have to be a huge life changing event, the small things are just as impactful and sometimes more meaningful
  • Most  of  my new things incorporate a connection to music, eating, and fitness (No surprise here)

Day 1 – I participated in the Santa Shuffle 5km run to raise funds for the Salvation Army. A fun 5km with my Team D family. What a good way to start the challenge. Thank you Team D!

Day 2 – Chill out Sunday. It’s been a while since I turned off my mind, tucked away my to-do list and simply lounged and relaxed ALL day. After getting a great recommendation from a friend, I downloaded an entire TV series and watched it all day. Living in the early 1900’s seem so lavish and rich of history – thanks Downton Abbey for the day of distraction.

Day 3 – I teach my regular Tuesday Body Pump class but combine it with a 60 minute high intensity “All Terrain” spin class lead by the amazing Irene! Thanks Irene for the motivation to do a double class.

Day 4 – I attend a Tweet up. A tweet what? An event where people on Twitter come together to meet in person. Thank you Eric for organizing and bringing together like minded Ottawa fitness people and recruiting Dr. Ellen (the best Naturopath Doctor in Ottawa). It was refreshing to share just a little more than 140 characters at a time!

Day 5 – Successful New Recipe provided by the resourceful and best Vegan chef I know. Thank you Amy for the recommendation! The Fresh Spring Rolls with Almond Dipping Sauce were delicious. The Almond sauce can be used for everything – it was that good! Ping me for the recipe. It’s clean healthy eating.

Day 6 – I dropped off a personalized care package for a friend that is having surgery.

Day 7- No iPhone/social networking for 24 hrs. I have to admit, this one was a complete bust! I tried my hardest and lasted for a good few hours, but in the end caved. Still counts though for this challenge right? I had good intentions of trying something new and let’s be honest, if I can get off my phone for more than two hours (and I’m not sleeping) it’s a success in my book!

Day 8 – This one was not something I set out to do but kind of just happened. I got into a taxi in Montreal where any dance club would be put to shame on how loud the music was. Driver says, “Desolee, c’est pour ma femme”. For his lady friend on the phone (explains the volume). Song Name: Mantes la jolie by Faudel. Think Parisian rap meets Algeria. It was such a memorable experience that I purchased the song on itunes shortly after. I like it now.

Day 9 – The Sunday pump class I usually teach was cancelled at the last minute which allowed me to participate in a special yoga class at lululemon. Thanks Leslie for leading a great class, a perfect alternative and start off my Sunday!

Day 10 – Purchased a song on iTunes that was composed in 1916. Now that’s what you call “Old School”.

Day 11 – I completed 3 fitness classes in 3 hours. Taught a pump class, participated in CX Worx and then joined two of my close friends for their 1st ever hot yoga sweat session. Enjoy your “all you can yoga” for the month Steph and Amy!

Day 12 – Being 12/12/12 it was supposed to be a lucky day, and was it ever. Driving down the highway I heard a loud pop, followed by my steering wheel drifting to the side! Sweet, blown tire! I consider myself lucky as I was near a gas station, and got to call my first ever tow truck service.

Day 13- I organized a blue sky (brainstorming) session with lawyers, bankers and consultants. This was a game changing session and there are big things to come from it.

Day 14- After a busy work week I went for a Friday afternoon run with the wonderful Jamie, Yogi Extraordinaire. “Re-energizing, speak your mind, brainstorming, changing the world,” kind of run. As my friend Jordan posted this week on FaceBook, it’s amazing how any run can improve your mood! Jamie I’m bottling up your energy and taking it with me everywhere I go.

Day 15– Being a relatively new skier I can usually make it down easy trails in one piece. However today was different story, there was one trail where I literally fell 3 times in 5 seconds: got up, fell, (3 year old child passes me) snow gets in my eyes, repeat two more times. Feeling defeated, I shook myself off and made myself get back on that chairlift determined to tackle this challenge head on. I went straight to that same trail and went down that hill successfully with no falls!


Halfway through and I am so happy to have taken this challenge. Looking forward to what the next 16 days have in-store for me! Anybody out there doing the challenge with me? Let me know in the comments how it’s going and what new and exciting things you have tried.

3 thoughts on “30 day try something new challenge: 1/2 way check in

  1. Hi Joe,
    I have not been following your 30 day challenge per say but your challenge has made me want to broaden my horizons and face challenges with a new perspective. I am happy that I was part of the Santa Shuffle with you and our other Team D peeps. There’s nothing better than going for a good run all while raising funds for a good cause. Double rewarding! And as for the hot yoga, I went back on Sunday for warm yin (wy) yoga and loved it. I went alone which for me is a challenge that I am getting better at everyday. What can I say, I prefer to be surrounded by fabulous people however I’ve discovered that doing things on my own sometimes allows me to meet amazing new people. What a great gift that is. Thanks Joe for unintentionally making me part of your adventure. I’m loving it! ❤

    • Thanks for sharing Steph! Completely on side about the connection of new things and meeting amazing people. Goes hand in hand and the reason why I’m personally so motivated to continuously adventure in new exciting challenges, travels and experiences!
      It’s my pleasure to have you actively integrated in my activities and the big one for 2013 in Australia will be epic.

  2. Way to go Joe!! Your commitment to trying new things & challenges never ceases to amaze me!! So happy that I was able to support a small part of your 30-day venture! Can’t wait to hear how it all went at the end! (No judgement on the iPhone item…I think I might not do so well with that one either – but at least you tried!) 🙂

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