Thrive MIX of 2012 – year in review

The holidays are just moments away and that amazing feeling of waking up without a schedule excites me greatly! This week I have had a few friends inspire me to talk about the power of music.

The end of the year provides us with the chance to reflect and reminisce on the vacations, adventures, runs, parties, sweat sessions, gatherings, random nights out, weddings and reunions that shaped 2012. The common thread linking all these events together for me is music! Everywhere we go, music is present. The beauty is that music enhances the present moment while helping forge amazing memories. Singing and dancing to a song, or just hearing it in the background defines your now and simultaneously creates memories that flood back to you when you hear it in the future.

As my friend Amy states in her recent Gratitude blog post: “Music has the power to uplift your mood, soothe you when you’re feeling low, energize you when pushing through a workout, and make your body instinctively move to its beat. What also fascinates me is how we can be instantly transported back to a particular time”.

At an amazing spin class this week, Irene a superstar spinning instructor, motivated her participants with these words: “Music has a huge impact on the way you feel and move. It can change your mood and influence the way you think!”

Isn’t that the absolute truth?

In the spirit of the Thrive Tune of the week I’m sharing the thrive MIX of 2012. Creative, artistic, brilliant and absolutely well done, the talented DJ Daniel Kim has composed a perfect blend of the soundtrack of 2012. Check out his story and how he compiled this rock star mix of 55 tracks mashed up in 8 mins. I’m confident you will be able to instantly associate several of these songs with your personal journey of 2012! Turn up the volume and get ready to be transported!

One thought on “Thrive MIX of 2012 – year in review

  1. Beaming with pride for you right now Joe…love this post… how you so accurately articulated how unifying music is for all of us! My memories of 2012 from this mash-up:
    – “Turn up the Music” …great BP chest track!
    – “Stronger”…helped keep my spirits up through my injury
    – “Somebody That I Used to Know” …heard this for the first time at Rob’s “Music Trivia” fundraiser (and wondered “how is this
    weird song at the top of iTunes charts right now?”)
    – “Cal me Maybe” ….all of us singing this guilty pleasure in my living room before heading out to 80’s night!
    Also love this annotated version of the video showing exactly what songs are playing at each moment! Another fabulous post my friend! Looking forward to many more musical memories together in 2013! 🙂

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