Cheerleading Canadian Medtech Companies

Arab health 2013 is coming to a close.

Connecting with hospital groups in the Middle East is always a great experience.  The amount of investment in this region is astronomical.  In Saudi Arabia alone, they are investing almost 20 billion in the next two years! Canadian healthcare companies understand this potential and for small and medium enterprises capturing even a small piece of this market share means significant gains in their revenue volume.

Canadian Medtech companies are innovative, competitively priced and of top quality. The challenge they face is with the visibility of the Canadian brand versus their US counterparts and other developed markets like Germany who are aggressive marketers.

In other words, Canadian Medtech companies are like undiscovered rock stars just waiting to sign a contract with a Hospital group and become the next Healthcare Idol!

So where do I fit in? What is my role when I visit these various regions of the world?

I work for Export Development Canada as a Sector Advisor for healthcare.

Simply put, I’m the relationship connector to make business happen, the strategist, the matchmaker and the cheerleader for our Canadian Medtech exporters!  Once the connection is made with the foreign hospitals it’s a rewarding feeling to witness these Canadian exporters grow and flourish.

Every time I meet with Hospital CEOs/Presidents the common statement I hear is “Canada is a great country: easy to deal with, high quality products, but I don’t know of many companies that support the Medtech industry?”

Well Mr. or Mrs. Hospital President, “Let me tell you what Canada has to offer… ”

Just let me get my pompoms first.

Meeting with the PRESIDENT/CEO of Saudi German Hospital Group

Meeting with the PRESIDENT/CEO of Saudi German Hospital Group

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