On Goals (Or, An Open Letter to Joe Rios)

Dear WIlliam,
Thanks so much for taking the time to share your goals and for all your kind words. I look forward to cheering you on at the 2014 Ottawa Marathon finish line and you running for a cause!
To goal crushing and feeling inspired, cheers!


I’ve been thinking a lot about goals over the past few days.

Thanks to my gig at lululemon, back in January I established several short and long-term goals related to health, career, and personal life. On Saturday July 20 I achieved a one-year health-related goal by squatting 40 kilos in Body Pump. This may not seem like a lot to people who do free weights, but in Pump we do squats for 5-minutes and, thus, I completed ~100 repetitions with that weight on my shoulders. I had set this as a goal because I had been using the same weight for squats (around 20 kilos give or take) for several years; although I encouraged members to challenge themselves I was always nervous to try more with squats because of a “bad back,” the result of a skating injury when I was 18. I realized at some point, however, that this…

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