The power of visualization

On my vacation last month in New Zealand my first stop was in the small town of Kaikoura. About 100 miles north of Christchurch, Kaikoura is located on a rocky peninsula, protruding from lush farmland beneath the mountains. I stayed at a modern villa type apartment located right in the mountain base called Fairways Accommodation. Managed by a super friendly couple, Robyn and Graham, this resort is 5 star quality with all the great amenities of home living. Thank you for all your wonderful hospitality. Highly recommended!IMG_1298

After only spending one night in town I was inspired to review my goals. One of the questions to ask yourself when developing goals is “What does your ideal Sunday morning look like when you wake up in 10 years”. I discovered mine.


Picture this…I wake up in my mountain view home (my summer home during the Canadian winter months to be exact) and start my day with a trail run. I start my run from my backyard where the trail begins. Following my run, my family and I enjoy a freshly cooked meal on my rooftop terrace and admire the beautiful mountain and ocean views.

Am I dreaming? Could this ever become my reality? Live on the other side of the world for half the year and still enjoy the Canadian summers? Would I have sufficient resources?

Though this reality seems highly unlikely today, it’s not impossible.

I have the visual now stuck in my head. The idea and seed have been planted. Through motivation, passion and dedication I will make this happen! Discovering Kaikoura is one of the reasons why I love travelling and exploring. This hidden gem has helped shape a potential future possibility for me.

Did I tell you that there is even a lot for sale, and from what I gather, at a surprisingly reasonable price?


Perhaps I could buy the land first and build later?

The options are endless and considering all the possibilities is half the excitement.

How about you? What does your ideal Sunday morning look like when you wake up in 10 years?


One thought on “The power of visualization

  1. Mine sounds a lot like yours Joe. I would love nothing more than to wake up every day of the week to an beautiful oceanic landscape. Step out of my front door and be steps away from the beautiful ocean side trail that takes my breath away every time I go for a run. That trail would bring me through beautiful and revitilising areas and bring me back to my beachside cabana that I would call home. After a good breakfast with my loved ones we would hit the waves for a little surfin’! Ahh, paradise!

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