Baby it’s cold outside!

The 3 steps I took for today’s EDC run club:

1. Check the weather network. It’s minus 26 degrees Celsius with a BIG RED TICKER warning – wind chill making it feel like minus 35! Hmmm I wonder if anyone will show up?
2. Pack and prepare my gear (base, mid, outer layer) and 3 head coverings (neck warmer, toque and face warmer). After looking at all the gear on the floor it makes me think it could be some cool new art. Maybe I should open up an art exhibition entitled “Exploring the mind of the delirious winter runner”?
3. 5 participants including myself battle the frigid windy cold air to run 5km. We all survived and I’m so proud of those who joined! DEDICATION and COMMITMENT at it’s very best! Living the motto – just do it!

Baby it's cold outside

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